Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Viking City
Population: 70 Million
Satellites: Phobos
Station Phobos 1 (destroyed)
Station Phobos 2
Star: Sol
Star System: Sol system

Mars is the fourth planet in the Sol system and the oldest human colony in history.


First ExplorationsEdit

The first human probe, Viking 1, landed on Mars in 1976. Into the 21st century, many probed missions had begun to take place, most of them by the United States of America. On May 4th, 2032, the first manned mission to Mars took place with the Ares 7 mission, captained by James Lowell. Many of these manned missions followed, with some countries establishing research and military outposts.


The first colony on Mars was built in 2036, though was bombed by the isolationist Order of Terra group. However, the outpost of Viking City was soon built in 2038, despite protests from Order of Terra members on Earth. Viking City continued to grow and many other cities sprung up all over the planet. When the Colonial Government of Mars was formed, Viking City was made its capital.

War of Martian IndependenceEdit

In 2158, a group of Martian separatists known as Free Mars took control of the Colonial Government. They soon declared themselves an independent state, a vision not shared by most citizens. The War for Martian Independence began with the Terran Federation taking New Venice and securing it. When the war ended eight months later, Cain Dawson, the leader of Free Mars was taken to the Alcatraz Stasis Prison where he was placed in stasis for one thousand years.

Contemporary EraEdit

After the Great Expansion and the Great Breakout, Mars quickly became a backwater colony, where few have immigrated.


Bodies of WaterEdit


Points of InterestEdit


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